1. Log in. Click or tap Sign up to create a new account, or Login to log into the system with an existing account. If you are creating an account for the first time, follow the directions on the screen to set up your account.
  2. Reply to an existing ticket or file a new ticket.
    • Replying to an existing ticket: If you have a previous ticket that directly relates to your concern, you can re-open that ticket by replying to it. 
    • Filing a new ticketIf your question is about a new issue, click or tap New support ticket and follow the directions on the screen. Please include the following information in your support ticket:
      • What term and year you were first admitted to the BAMS program (e.g., 1st trimester, AY 2018-2019). If you started the BAMS program before 1st trimester, AY 2018-2019, indicate whether you are following the old or the new curriculum. (If you do not know, see Planning your program of study and follow the directions there as soon as possible.); 
      • All documents relevant to your question. Depending on your question, these might include any of the following:
      • Your student number.
  3. End your support ticket by signing off using the name by which you wish to be addressed (e.g., "Best wishes, Sol")

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