Search for existing solutions in the solutions database to questions you might have about your academic progress through the BAMS program. You must sign up for an account on this site and be logged in to view the solutions.  

If you can't find a solution to your problem by first doing a search in the solutions database, do the following in  sequence:

  1. Refresh the page and then do the search again. Sometimes, the website does not immediately suggest articles based on your search terms. If this is this case, refresh the current page you are on and try doing the search again.
  2. Go to the main "Solutions" tab and browse through the article titles. You may find that the title of the article that you need jumps out the page.
  3. Think about other related terms and search for those instead. For instance, to search for an issue related to enrollment, try searching for registration.
  4. Try fewer words instead of whole phrases (or vice versa). For instance, instead of typing in, "I don't know whether I'm a new curriculum or old curriculum student", just type in curriculum. If that doesn't work, try the opposite technique: elaborate on your  
  5. Look at the Related Articles and See Also sections for an article. If you are reading a solution article, you will see a list of suggested Related Articles on the page. The article might possibly also have a See also section at the bottom. 
  6. Try the UPOU Helpdesk. There are several different helpdesks at UPOU. Try the general UPOU one at  
  7. Askthe UPOU Support Chatbot, Iska and iskOU, your question. 
  8. Use the search function on the official university websites (e.g., and platforms (e.g., MyPortal). The search bar is often located on the upper right hand corner of the screen if you are using a desktop-based browser. 
  9. Search the Web. To search all websites (including, for instance, and, use the following search pattern: {your-search-terms}

    See how you would do this to search for information about MRR requirements, for example.

If none of the previous steps work

File a support ticket on this website or via email. This will be provide a response more quickly than emailing the Program Chair will.