Writing is an important part of university learning. Expect to do a lot of writing at UPOU. 

There are no shortcuts to becoming a good writer. You have to keep reading, keep writing, and keep getting feedback. Here are a few tips to improve your writing skills.

Take additional writing courses 

UPOU offers a bridging course on writing on model.upou.edu.ph

Read books on academic writing

A few of these books include:

Learn how to cite sources correctly

Citing sources correctly is an important part of your academic training. My preferred reference styles are APA and IEEE, but you can use any style as long as you use it consistently.  

Websites such as EasyBib and CitationMachine help you easily format your references, while citation management tools such as Zotero allow you to incorporate and format references in your document. 

Other tips

Consult other references on the Web, including the followings: