Do I need permission from the Program Chair to register for courses?

As long as you fulfill the requirements (prerequisites/co-requisites) of courses and as long as the courses directly contribute to your curriculum, you do not need to seek permission from Program Chair before registering for courses. If you regularly (e.g., every term) update your Plan of Study with the information provided in the special Google Classroom for Mapping your Plan of Study, you will not need frequent program advising and you will be on the right track.

The only time you need approval to take courses is when you have been specifically instructed to seek permission, such as in the following cases:

Do I need to have my Plan of Study approved before I register for courses?

Generally speaking, no, you do not need to have your Plan of Study approved before registering for courses. As long as your Plan of Study is correct and accurate, you do not need to have your Plan of Study.  To learn about how you can make sure your Plan is accurate, see the section entitled How do I know if my Plan is correct and error-free? in the helpdesk article regarding the Planner.

Your Plan of Study is something that helps you map out your courses during your residency in the BAMS. You don't need it approved before you register for your courses, but it will probably help you identify courses you should take for the most optimal results. 

Your Plan of Study is, however, something that you need to accomplish and have approved as part of the process of appealing for readmission after a period of absence from the University.

Do I need approval to enroll in courses that are different from the ones I originally specified in my Plan of Study?

Generally speaking, no. Your Plan of Study is a living document that you should revisit and update periodically. If you find that you need enroll in courses different from the ones you originally specified in your Plan of Study, feel free. Simply update your Plan of Study, and upload them again to the special Google Classroom. 

I wish to take an elective different from the one I had originally indicated in my Plan of Study. Is that OK?

Generally speaking, yes, you can take Elective courses different from the ones you might have originally planned to take. Electives allow you to learn about topics outside the specialized training provided by your core and mandatory courses. You can choose from whatever electives are available to you, for which you satisfy the requirements, and which correctly contribute towards your BAMS degree. You don't need to seek permission to choose from an elective different from the one you may originally planned to take. However, it would be wise to update your Plan of Study should you take a different elective than you what you had originally planned.