How do I get a account?

All UPOU students are entitled to a account. Starting 2020-1T, all newly admitted BAMS students will be automatically be provided one.

If you don't have one, get yours by doing the following:

  1. Please send an email to, indicate that you are a UPOU student requesting a email account.  
  2. In your email, attach a scanned copy of either your Form 5 or your UP ID.

How do I get technical support regarding my UP email address?

Please do not a file ticket on this BAMS Helpdesk system as we will be unable to help you. Instead, send an email to

If you are having trouble logging in, check whether have you activated 2-factor authentication⇗ for your UP email address. In compliance with Memo No. TJH_2019-07A, the "" domain has begun enforcing Two-Factor Authentication. Those who did not enable 2-Step Verification during the allotted time period for their UP Mail account will encounter an error once they try to log in. Learn how to regain access to your account⇗.

Are my and email accounts the same thing?

No, they are not. Starting 2018, you are asked to apply for a email account, not a one. If you were previously issued a email account, you are strongly encouraged to still apply for a account. If you need technical support regarding your account, please contact

Why should I get and use a account?

  • You need a account to use the Google Classroom for mapping and updating your Plan of Study, a crucial part of planning your time as a BAMS student.
  • The BAMS Program Chair uses the Google Classroom to post important information to BAMS students. The Google Classroom is linked to your email address, and copies of all posts by the BAMS PC are automatically sent to your email address.
  • Many of the online tools and services used at the UPOU are based on the UP System's GSuite services, which requires you to log in using your account. UP's GSuite subscription offers plenty of perks⇗
  • Professionalism and Institutional Identity – UP Mail is recommended for submission of papers to local and international conferences and sending invitation for UP events
  • No ads: your email account uses a stricter spam filter than most other email providers.
  • The UP System occasionally broadcasts important updates to all students, and the only way they can do that is through your account.
  • It is often easier for advising staff to verify your identity when you email them using account, which means that you may get a response quicker than if you use a personal email account. 

For all of these reasons, it is vital that you:

  • check account at least once a day (or download your messages for offline access, as described below);
  • pay attention to updates from the Google Classroom for Program Planning sent to your account;
  • use it as your primary email account for communicating with fellow students, teachers, and university staff; and
  • use it as the email address associated with your MyPortal account.

How can I read my emails when I don't have an Internet connection?

Use your computer or phone's third-party email client⇗ to regularly download your messages so that they can be accessed offline⇗. Even if your Internet connection is down, you can still have access to at least some of your emails. 

What if I prefer to use an existing email address during my studies? 

It is highly recommended that you use your UP email account for all things related to your university studies. We strongly discourage you from using your personal email email to communicate with UP faculty and staff. 

If you absolutely must use another email account for your studies, then you must set up mail forwarding⇗ from your UP email account to your preferred email address so that you don't miss out on any important emails that are sent to your UP email address.