If you had successfully completed courses in another institution, you can apply for a Transfer of Credits.

How many courses can I have credited?

There is a limit to how many courses outside of UPOU can be credited towards your UPOU degree. Please see

https://registrar.upou.edu.ph/c/ for details. Please note that the number of courses you can have credited is even more limited if you are running for Latin Honors

Which courses can be credited?

Not all courses are eligible to be transferred. Even if a course looks like one of the BAMS required courses, it doesn't mean that you can substitute your previously completed course for the required BAMS course. 

Example: Even if you received transferred credit for a course called "ENG 1", it doesn't necessarily mean that you can use it as a substitute for, say, HUM 1 or even ENG 157. You must still apply for a Transfer of Credits to be sure.

You cannot apply for Transfer of Credits for major (MMS) courses.  

The information in this box applies only to students who were admitted to the BAMS program on or after 1st Trimester AY 2018-2019 (Case 1 students)

For students following the "pure" new curriculum, only the following courses (or their equivalent in other schools) can be transferred.

  • KAS 1
  • STS 1
  • COMM 2
  • ENG 157
  • PI 100
  • SOCSCI 2
  • PE
  • NSTP

Is the Transfer of Credits process different if I took the course from another UP campus unit (as opposed to a non-UP university)? 

No. You will still need to apply for Transfer of Credits. However, you can better anticipate the outcome of your Transfer of Credits application if the course is from taken another UP campus unit and has exactly the same name as the one you need. 

Example: If ENG 157 is required for your program of study at UPOU and you had previously taken a course also called ENG 157 at UP Baguio, then that course can be used towards your degree. However, you still need to apply for a Transfer of Credit. 

When should do I apply for a Transfer of Credit?

File your application as soon you have been admitted to the BAMS Program. You can only apply for a Transfer of Credit once you have been admitted; it is not possible for you to apply for a Transfer of Credit before you have been officially admitted.

How do I apply for a Transfer of Credit?

Contact the Faculty Secretary to apply for transfer of credit. As of 12 December 2018, the process is as follows:

  1. Apply for a transfer of credit through http://toc.joycemanalo.com.
  2. Make sure to attach a clear, high-resolution pdf copy of your Official Transcript of Records. Make sure that it is valid for transfer. True Copy of Grades will not be Accepted. Keep the file size to 2MB or less or else you might encounter an error.
  3. When accomplishing the form, make sure that the Course Code indicated is written in the exact same way they appear on the Transcript of Records. If not, this might get flagged as a discrepancy.

Once your Transfer of Credit application has been processed, you must consult the Student Portal to see how your transferred courses will be credited. It will be worded something like "MATH 17: Algebra and Trigonometry (for MATH 11)", meaning that you can use your MATH 17 credits from a previous institution for your MATH 11 requirement for BAMS.

Note: There is a known visual bug in some browsers in which the Transcript file does not appear as attached after selecting. If you encounter this, just proceed to submit your application. If the application goes through, it means your file was successfully attached.

I have applied for Transfer of Credit, but I believe that some of the courses I previously took could be applied towards my program and should have been credited. Can I be given special consideration?

See this article. 

Where can I find the list of my courses that have been transferred?

You should have received an email with a list of your transferred courses. Keep this list somewhere you will be find it (for example, in the Google Classroom for Program Planning). If you have lost this email, contact the FICS Faculty Secretary.

I am following the old curriculum; can I still apply for a Transfer of Credits?

All Transfers of Credits completed prior to 21 May 2021 will still be honored if you are following the old curriculum , but if you have not previously applied for a Transfer of Credits, you will no longer be able to apply for one.  This is to ensure that when you graduate, your degree will be as close as possible to the new curriculum mandated by law due to the shifts in the K-12 curriculum. 

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